Warby Parker Collection: Resort 2017

It’s officially December! Which means… Christmas is just around the corner! What’s even more exciting is that Warby Parker has officially released their latest eyewear collection: Resort 2017.

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#OOTD: Saturday Stroll at the International Peace Garden

My summer vacation is soon coming to an end, and before it ends (and since my birthday was on the 28th), my family and I decided to explore one last prairie attraction (as a birthday getaway as well): the International Peace Garden.

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#OOTD: Exploring Hecla Island

As a promise to myself to continue to explore more about my own province, I decided to go on a new adventure to Hecla Island (last Saturday). What’s interesting about Hecla Island, is that it’s not a part of a town, but a part of a provincial park along with other islands located in Lake Winnipeg. Since Hecla and Gimli are geographically close, Hecla Island also has an Icelandic history which is quite apparent since you will also see Icelandic flags almost everywhere.

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#OOTD: Gimli “New Iceland” Adventure

Being from the prairies of Canada, I’ve always found it quite dull in terms of places to visit and have fun in. I have always wished that I lived in bigger, popular cities with vibrant scenery and much “cooler” atmospheres, such as Toronto or Vancouver. Or during the summer, I wished I lived in places where I could indulge in the chill, picturesque places like Maui. But like many, I think to myself, “well, unfortunately, I’m from the prairies, I live in the prairies, and I have to suck it up.” Although I do live in the city in the Canadian prairies, the city life I currently live is not as exciting as it would be if I lived in bigger metropolitan cities of Canada. In short, I simply hated living in the city within the Canadian prairie lands.

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January Favourites

Hey lovelies!

January is about to come to a close which means… January Favourites! This month, I only chose four favourite products that I hope you’ll discover for yourselves too! Without any further ado, here they are:

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Stay Positive with “Rememberlutions”

Hello friends!

It’s been a while and a lot things has happened since 2017 entered. I can’t believe that the second chapter of 2017 out of 12 is about to begin! I hope everyone has had a pleasant start to the year. As for me, I’ve been quite busy with school but I am coping and so far, its been good. A lot of exciting things has happened to me this past month, some not-so-okay things happened too, but I was able to deal with them with much faith and courage. This is going to sound cliche but life is filled with unfair situations that make you want to curse it, but life can also be so beautiful amidst all these unfair situations. All we have to do is to really recognize and acknowledge everything that we have been blessed with, in order to overlook all the negativities.

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Year End Post: Sephora’s Kiss & Makeup Holiday Lipstick Pencil Set

Happy Holidays!

First of all, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas spent with your loved ones. Christmas has always been my favourite holiday since I was a child and this year was once again another amazing Christmas filled with togetherness and so much love. I was not able to post during Christmas day since I was busy the entire month finishing papers, Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts and of course preparing for our family Christmas dinner which kept me from creating any content. Aside from that, I wanted to just focus on spending quality time with my family. Nevertheless I really hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas. Also, in case you don’t follow me already on Instagram (@riajosellee), here’s how I wrapped my gifts this 2016:

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November Favourites

Happy December!

The holiday vibe is now in full swing and I hope you all had a wonderful November! My favourites this last month have mostly been facial skincare products as I have been on the lookout for products that work well on my skin. Here are my favourite products from the month of November:

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