L’Oréal’s Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara Review

Hey guys! So as promised, here is my review of L’Oréal’s new mascara: Voluminous Miss Manga.


Sorry for the poor quality, but this is the best it can get to :(
Sorry for the poor quality, but this is the best it can get to 😦


– 360° Flexor Brush: L’Oréal’s first try on the creation of a unique conical shaped, flexible brush to catch lashes that are hard to reach, for an even application.

– Mega Impact Formula: To build oversized volume.

– Clump-free
– Flake-free
– Smudge-free
– Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
– Volumizes lashes up to 15x
– Amplifies top lashes and maximizes bottom lashes for an ultimate wide eye-look

Other Information:
– Opthalmologist and allergy tested
– Tested under dermatological control

My review:
*** Day 1: No other makeup application, mascara only
– Light, weightless feeling
– 360° flexor brush does catch hard to reach lashes but doesn’t give excellent results or much coverage
– Not flaky
– Not clumpy
– Volumized (but definitely not 15x!)
– Easy to remove
– Comfortable even with contact lenses on, not irritating

*** Day 2: Applied with other makeup products
– Still gives you a light, weightless feeling
– Started to flake up a bit with other eye makeup products applied (eye-liner as well as eye shadow)
– Pretty clumpy
– Volumized but not to the level it claims
– Does give you a wide eye-look
– Still more comfortable than Almay Intense i-Color Volumizing Mascara or Covergirl Mascaras when applied with contact lenses on
– Can easily smudge

Overall, I’d give it an 8/10. It felt like applying a regular mascara on although,it had a better application compared to other products I’ve tried. It appeared to change its performance when you apply other makeup products compared to wearing it alone. It doesn’t fully live up to all its claims especially on it’s claim of a 15x lash volume and definitely does not make you look like a manga character!

I hope this review helped! Please pardon my amateur review on this product! (To be honest, this is my first official review on a product!)

Don’t hesitate to ask more questions regarding this product! Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts below.

Ciao! for now 🙂


4 thoughts on “L’Oréal’s Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara Review

  1. Thanks for the review! Your comment on this mascara flaking makes me think I wouldn’t enjoy it, so maybe I’ll take a pass on this one. And you shouldn’t sell yourself short! This was a very well thought out review, and I know I appreciate your thoughts.


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