Food Trip!: Dwarf no Cachette Café and Gift

Hey wonderful people! A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I went to this quaint little Japanese café, downtown. Notice how I said a couple of weeks ago? Yes indeed, this little get together of ours happened quite a while ago and since my schedule had been so hectic lately, I did not have the chance to put this up until today. Dwarf no Cachette, this oh-so kawaii café and gift shop is genuinely Japanese owned and operated. It opened on Canada day and since then, it has been successfully running. As of now, it has a variety of dishes and desserts to choose from, although not as much as other restaurants in town that had been in business for years. But as far as I know, this restaurant will soon be popularly known in the public as it is by far, the most and only, purely Japanese restaurant that offers amazing food!  So come on, and check out my food experience in Dwarf no Cachette!

Photo Credits: ate Jenina Sancho

Photo Credits: Ate Jenina Sancho
My first time seeing a “scrapbook” type menu that was hand-written (no typed words, whatsoever!)


Matcha Green Tea Photo Credits: ate Jenina Sancho
Customized Mugs
TAKOYAKI! Commonly known as a Japanese street food. A+ for its kawaii presentation! Photo Credits: ate Lelan Sancho
Chicken Okonomiyaki
Ramen Noodle Photo Credits: ate Jenina Sancho


Matcha Green Tea Parfait. How cute is the presentation?
Photo Credits: ate Lelan Sancho


Aside from its main café area, upstairs is where the gift shop is located. This gift shop is the cutest one I’ve ever been to with items straight from Japan! Despite it having the cutest items, the prices were to be honest, a little bit expensive.

Kawaii stationery area and various accessories!

10308945_854769917868747_4283019331208395591_n 10653682_854769941202078_4016048006210292954_n10177376_854769971202075_5256401752902767250_n1604977_854770014535404_4236301588461961605_n10001363_869361306409608_7169482163188786658_n The ambience of Dwarf no Cachette is very welcoming and like I said, so many times before… SUPER KAWAII!

Photo Credits: ate Lelan Sancho
Photo from: ate Lelan Sancho

Overall, I’ve had the best time in this café and I definitely cannot wait to come back again! Until next time, see you on my next food trip adventure!


Ria Josellee

(P.S. make sure to stay tuned in for my next makeup review!)


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