L’Oréal’s Voluminous Butterfly Mascara Review

Hello awesome people! First things first, I apologize for delaying this review for too long but know I am breaking the hiatus and putting an end to your long wait! Here is my review to L’Oréal’s recently released mascara: Voluminous Butterfly. Enjoy!

*** Disclaimer: This review is purely based off of what my opinion is on this product. By no means does this reflect or share similarities with EVERYONE’S opinion about this product.




The Butterfly Brush:  Asymmetrical wing tip brush. L’Oréal’s first try in the creation of this type of brush featuring a unique shape to catch every lash from corner to corner and flexible arches to lift up at the outer edge.

The Butterfly Formula: L’oréal’s new formula. Infused with 1.2 mm of fibres that can instantly coat lashes with a soft and delicate veil for longer looking, silky feeling lashes with up to 6x the volume.

“The Butterfly effect” (Claims):

– “Every lash extended for a dramatic lash fringe that flutters

– Clump free

– Flake free

– Smudge free

– Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers

Other Information:

– Ophthalmologist and allergy tested

– Tested under dermatologist control

My Quick Review (1 month use):

Let’s start with this product’s features: Voluminous Butterfly’s brush has a pretty good handle on catching every lash for the most part, which actually impressed me quite a bit. However, I cannot say that its new formula fully lives up to its claim of coating lashes with a soft delicate veil for longer looking, silky feeling lashes nor does it give you up to 6x the volume. Having said that, this mascara did give my lashes a noticeable volume to a certain extent. I would say that it’s more of a 2x volume increase rather than a 6x volume increase. The rest to me, are just sugar coated details.

For its claims, I would say that…

1.) Application of this product does not necessarily result in a dramatic lash fringe that flutters (again, sugar coated details)

2.) Clump free… for most of the time (it had its moments!)

3.) Flake free

4.) Not so… smudge free

5.) Last but not least, It was not as comfortable as I’d hope it would be with my contact lenses on. Although, it is still much better, compared to other mascaras I’ve used.

To sum it all up, I give this mascara an 8.5/10 because it proved to be slightly better than its sister product: Voluminous Miss Manga. It definitely had its moments but I would recommend this more than the Voluminous Miss Manga.

I hope this review helped, if you have further questions about this product, please comment down below or if you have suggestions, I am open to that too so don’t hesitate to enter any suggestions as well! Since I feel embarrassed for delaying this review longer than I wanted to, I have 2 upcoming products I’ve recently purchased so watch out for that! I also want to remind you guys that my FAQ page is up so don’t be afraid to leave questions about anything. Whether they’d be about style, makeup, places I’ve been to, my daily life, etc. At last, please stay tuned for my upcoming posts!


Ria Josellee


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