ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks

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I’m back with a new makeup review on ColourPop’s Ultra Matte Lippies! I first discovered ColourPop cosmetics after watching one of my favourite beauty YouTubers, ThatsHeart‘s snaps on ColourPop’s liquid lipsticks. I was then convinced that ColourPop products are a must! To add to it was my cousin’s non-stop rave about how she LOVES ColourPop’s matte lippies, which ultimately convinced me to cop a few products from one of the most raved makeup brands today.

*** DISCLAIMER: My review of this product only reflects my personal thoughts  and opinions and by no means am I talking on behalf of other users of this product.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 11.18.53 AM
Ultra Matte Lip – Nudes

A while back, I requested my cousin to order me three products from ColourPop. Since I’m all about matte lipsticks and nude shades, I was already loving the thought of having ColourPop’s ultra matte lipsticks! I ordered three different shades of nudes from the Ultra Matte Lip Collection: StingRAYE, Teeny Tiny and Kapow.

Arm swatches

Upon receiving my orders, I was already in love with the colours. Although, I expected them to be a little lighter (as they were categorized as nudes) I was still impressed overall with how they looked on me overall (packaging and presentation were also appealing).

I first tried on StingRAYE which I have to say is my favourite one out of the three and my go-to lippie for regular school days. StingRAYE is the lightest shade out of the three. It has a really nice mauve tone and it’s also not too loud. I would say that this shade would look great during the fall season on school days!

I apologize for the “glossy” appearance of this swatch. This is matte, it won’t be glossy on you. This image just makes it appear glossy for some weird reason.


My second shade of choice is Teeny Tiny. This one is a little bit more dark and bolder than StingRAYE (also a little to0 dark for a nude in my opinion), which is why I don’t wear it as often on regular days. I find that this shade would be more suitable during night events as it gives that bold look that would make you stand out during the night. However it all depends on who you are, so if you have a bold personality, don’t be afraid to stand out and express yourself, girl! Flaunt it with this shade!



Finally, my last shade of choice would have to be Kapow. I was a bit disappointed with how this one turned out. The image ColourPop presented appeared to be more vibrant and purplish, but as I applied it, it was leaning more towards the brown shade which didn’t really compliment much with my skin tone. I would have to say that this shade would most likely work better for an ombré lip combination.


I apologize for the “glossy” appearance of this swatch. This is matte, it won’t be glossy on you. This image just makes it appear glossy for some weird reason.


Final verdict:

As I’ve already emphasized, my ultimate favourite out of the three would be StingRAYE (this would vary from person to person). When ColourPop said ULTRA MATTE, they really meant it! These lippies lived up to what MATTE really meant which I was impressed with. There is some transfer, however, it would last you an entire day with at least one retouch, or none. Having said that, I found that these lippies made my lips a tad bit drier than my MAC matte lippies, so I suggest that you exfoliate and moisturize your lips before applying (as you really should do for any other lippies). But I would have to say that these lippies really do last for a long time but be prepared to struggle a bit when you remove them at the end of the day. Lastly, I have to note what others have said about how inaccurate the shades are compared to what they look like online. I have to agree with this, I ordered these shades for what they initially looked like online and found that they looked different on me. Having said that, I will not blame ColourPop for it. It is not unknown that shopping online has always been difficult and we should not have assurances that what we see online will mirror what we expect.

Overall, I was impressed with how these shades looked on me (minus Kapow) and I would give these lippies a 3.5 (a 4 for StingRAYE). However, I would still purchase ColourPop products to see what else they have. I would have to say that they are a promising brand despite some things here and there, but you cannot please everyone right? So I still  recommend for you to try out some of their products. Plus their products are so affordable! The three lippies were only $6.00 each! So why not buy a thing or two right?

I hope you guys enjoy this review and stay tuned for more!



Ria Josellee

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