Style Guide: How I Style my Trousers

Hello Everyone!

Time goes by so fast, I can’t believe that I am already in my second year in university! My first year was definitely a roller coaster ride, but now, I can say that I’ve finally adjusted in the university environment. This year will definitely be a busy one for me as a second year student but I will try my very best to update my blog weekly. If you’ve already noticed, this will be my first “style guide” category for my blog. Style Guide will consist of different ways of styling  pieces together based on my suggestions.

When you hear of trouser pants, what comes first to mind are different office wears, well for me at least. I remember growing up seeing my mom wear corporate attire to work as a publications officer and researcher. Her usual attire would be trouser pants with a matching blazer. I would admire her office outfits and the way she would carry herself professionally in her attire. So I guess you can say that my mom was my very first fashion icon.

For a while, trousers have been idle from the fashion scene but recently the fashion world found a way to bring the trousers back to the spotlight! Here are some of the current chic trouser styles from my Pinterest board:

Minimalist Chic Daywear
Tomboy Chic Daywear
Classy & Sophisticated Daywear


As you can already tell, styling with trousers can be quite versatile and fun to work with whatever look you want to go for. Truly, trousers are not only for office settings!

One of my inspirations (aside from my mom) for the different trouser matches I played around with, is Victoria Beckham. Here are some images of how she worked her trousers out:


(* Photos obtained from Pinterest)

For me personally, you can work with trousers for the summer, autumn or spring seasons. Also, even though most trouser styles are suitable during the day, I believe you can also play around with different styles for the night. It’s all up to you my fellow stylistas, work your magic with trousers!

With mine, I decided to just play around with three tops that I recently got for my birthday (thanks to my cousin and mom!) which I thought would look good with my trousers. I guess here, I will be showcasing what types of tops might go well with trousers.

For the first style, I decided to just keep it simple. Here, I am wearing a long sleeve woven top from Forever 21 and peep toe heels from Le Château with my trousers.








For the second look, I played around a little bit more. Here I am wearing another long sleeve crop woven top from Forever 21 with my trousers. I decided to make my trousers look high-waisted by tucking in the top and putting on a belt.






And finally, for the third look, I also decided to just keep it simple. I am wearing a white blouse from Forever 21 here with my trousers.








There you go! These are just some tops that you may want to consider with trousers. There are definitely tons of other tops that can go well with your trousers. The key is to just play around and be confident in what you wear!

Until next time!



Ria Josellee

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