Benefit Cosmetics: Life’s Little Correctors Color Correcting Kit

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I apologize for this delayed review which was supposed to be up on Thursday. I was occupied with school work and lots of it. But I overall hope to keep up with posting despite my already busy schedule for second year uni.

*** DISCLAIMER: My review of this product only reflects my personal thoughts  and opinions and by no means am I talking on behalf of other users of this product.

For my 20th birthday, my cousin got me 2 Benefit Cosmetics beauty kits. The  They’re Real! Sexy on the Run kit (<—- click to read, if you haven’t seen the review) and the Life’s Little Correctors Color Correcting kit. She heard a lot of good things about these two kits and decided to get me both to try and use. I was particularly excited for this kit mainly because I’ve been on the hunt for a good concealer.



Packaging Overview:

Like always, Benefit knows how to attract and appeal their consumers with fun themed packaging. But what always appeals to me are the “tips” they include in every packages/kits. It’s just nice to have a tip or two on how to apply.

Inside the kit, you’ll find 3 cases of 4 different color correcting products (2 of which comes in two different shades, that’s why there are 6 products all in all).

– Concealer 1: Boi-ing industrial strength concealer in Light
– Concealer 2: Boi-ing industrial strength concealer in Light/Medium
– Under Eye Concealer: Erase paste brightening concealer in Medium
– Eye bright instant eye brightener
– Lemon aid color correcting eyelid primer (2)


Boi-ing Concealer in Light  (01)

So from this kit, I used the Boi-ing Concealer in light, (I should’ve used the medium one) which was okay. Even though it was in light, I was still able to blend it in quite well but it wasn’t enough to really conceal the discoloration on my nose (I had to put quite a bit on to cover up discoloration on my nose). I was hoping it would work better, but according to other reviews, It didn’t do enough justice.

Erase Paste

I was a bit more impressed with this one. The Erase Paste was great in concealing the dark circles around my eyes.

Eye Bright 

Really brightens up the eyes in a subtle way. Worked really great for me and made my eyes look more awake and enhanced.

Lemon Aid

This primer worked great in brightening up my eyes however, I noticed some smudging but it was very minimal. Overall, I think it was an okay primer.

All in all (Pros and Cons)

  • Blends in well with any type of skin tone
  • Pretty long lasting wear (I was only able to try all four products for 5 hours and my face still looked bright and all products still in tact *a little bit of creasing but not obvious)
  • Nice creamy texture


  • Too much product will result to cakeyness (I suggest to put minimal amounts to avoid this)
  • You have to have patience with blending, otherwise you wouldn’t enjoy these products at all
  • A bit of creasing
  • Dabbing is a bit of a problem with these products if you are not patient enough. You might end up having to rub on (which is not recommended) if you are in a hurry.


Overall, I give this kit a 3.5 out of 5. But I’ll definitely keep using the Eye Bright and Erase Paste in the future.

I hope this review helped! Stay tuned for more!



Ria Josellee

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