Style Guide: How I Style My Wish Wrap Choker

Hello again!

Just a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon an Instagram page that specializes in choker necklaces. Their unique yet simple chokers quickly attracted me which lead me to instantly follow their page. They are still a developing business but I can definitely see them making it out there in the future. Luckily for me, they noticed how interested I was with their chokers (after constantly spamming them with likes, most probably) that they offered me a family and friends discount. I couldn’t say no to their offer since I rarely get discounts so I said heck, why not (since I really wanted one anyway). Their chokers come in several styles, all simplistic. I eventually opted to go for the cheapest (just because I’m on a budget) and the most versatile one, in my opinion. I purchased the Wish Wrap: White Gold on Black since I read that you can play around with it. It came in as an untied chord in a small drawstring pouch, which to me eventually implies the creativity in styling you can put into it. Here are three different ways of wearing it that I tried so far:

*DISCLAIMER: This is not sponsored. I simply want to share my ideas and suggestions on how to style this accessory.


Double tie around knot
Single knot
On this third one, I incorporated my pearl choker from H&M


I am definitely going to experiment more with this accessory.  Let me know what you guys think about this by commenting down below. If you liked this, you can browse through their insta page @lahavanenewyork or go directly to their website LAHAVANE. I also included this choker on my  September Favourites which you can go check out if you haven’t done so.

Until next time!


Ria Josellee


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