Bellápierre’s Contouring and Highlighting Kit

Hello lovelies!

It’s officially December and the holiday vibes have started to kick in! I’ve been MIA for several weeks now and I want to make up for being idle by giving you guys a quick review on a product that I love. For this post, as the title indicates, I will be reviewing Bellápierre’s Contouring and Highlighting Kit.

As much as I love the idea of contouring, I have to admit, it’s such a tedious task because it requires precision (at least in my opinion). But when I started using this contouring kit by Bellápierre, I gained more confidence and began to contour more often.  I just think that this kit made contouring a lot easier for me and I just love it!

Here are some things I loved about the product:

  • My skin always looks great when I apply it.
  • Its not too harsh looking, great for a more natural looking contour.
  • I also like how they provide instructions on how to apply the contour and highlight, based on your facial shape. They don’t really give you a word for word instruction but to me its not really a big deal since its pretty straight forward and they actually provide visuals on where to put it. In my opinion, visual instruction says a lot more and there’s less confusion.
  • At first I wasn’t a big fan of the product containers but later on, I realized it wasn’t that bad.
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  • The contour colours are a little bit difficult to blend in. It takes extra time to do so in order to avoid harsh lines to show.  Also, I noticed that there were times that my skin appeared even darker than supposed to when I apply it, but I guess it’s just a matter of balancing the amount you actually need to put on. This only happened on my first couple of tries so that says a lot. My following applications weren’t bad and I eventually figured out the right amount I need to put on.
  • Excellent product overall.

I hope this review helped you guys. Let me know if you have products you want me to try out and review by commenting down below. If you’ve tried this product, I would also like to know how it was for you or if you any recommendations on other Bellápierre products!

Hope you all had a wonderful first of December!


Ria Josellee

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