November Favourites

Happy December!

The holiday vibe is now in full swing and I hope you all had a wonderful November! My favourites this last month have mostly been facial skincare products as I have been on the lookout for products that work well on my skin. Here are my favourite products from the month of November:



  1. Simple Skincare Oil Balancing Cleansing Wipes – I’ve been using Simple facial wipes for a year and half now and this particular facial wipes is by far my favourite. It is very gentle on the skin.
  2. Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash – Since September, I’ve been on the lookout for the right facial wash. I’ve tried 2 other different facial cleansers since then and this one is by far my favourite one and am considering sticking with this one.
  3. Bioré Deep Cleansing Pore Strips – Okay, so for this product, I don’t recommend for you to use often. You may be wondering why I included this in my November favourites and my answer to that is: It gave me that satisfying feel when I removed the strips and saw all that dirt on there…. weird but yes, it was satisfying. Now, the reason why I don’t recommend this product (pore strips in general) is because I discovered something shocking on refinery29’s snap about pore strips not being the best way to remove black heads. Apparently, pore strips not only remove blackheads but they can also eliminate essential oils and the best way to go about removing blackheads is basically through facial masks. So, I suggest that you don’t use any pore strips often and use facial masks more instead.
  4. Ardell Glamour Lashes (107)– I actually used these lashes during Halloween as part of my Halloween Makeup Look (click here if you haven’t seen my Halloween Makeup Look) but I decided to include this anyways since it was almost November anyways?
  5. Pond’s Dry Skin Cream – I’ve been using Pond’s dry skin cream for 4 years now and I believe this one is their upgraded version. I’ve never had problems with this cream and has always worked well in hydrating my face.


I would like to know your feedback on any of these products especially for the pore strips since I am not sure how accurate the information about pores trips are. Don’t hesitate to comment down below and let me know your thoughts or if you have other products that you love that I should try for myself.

Again, have a wonderful December and stay tuned for more!


Ria Josellee

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