Year End Post: Sephora’s Kiss & Makeup Holiday Lipstick Pencil Set

Happy Holidays!

First of all, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas spent with your loved ones. Christmas has always been my favourite holiday since I was a child and this year was once again another amazing Christmas filled with togetherness and so much love. I was not able to post during Christmas day since I was busy the entire month finishing papers, Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts and of course preparing for our family Christmas dinner which kept me from creating any content. Aside from that, I wanted to just focus on spending quality time with my family. Nevertheless I really hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas. Also, in case you don’t follow me already on Instagram (@riajosellee), here’s how I wrapped my gifts this 2016:


I was so proud of it I just had to show you guys! Just for design info, I bought the brown wrapper with prints from Indigo, while the simple brown paper wrapper I just found lying around and the ribbons were from the dollar store! The gift tags were from shoppers drug mart and my sister handmade the orange tag with glittery gold tape around it.

It’s hard to believe that 2016 is coming close to an end. It’s been such an interesting year for me;  lots of lessons, burned bridges, achievements and fun memories all mixed into one year. With that said, I am ready to tackle 2017 with so much more enthusiasm and determination to achieve all my goals and plans for this coming year. 2016 has been fun but I am ready to close this chapter in my life and start a new one with my family, friends and of course new people that are bound to enter my life.

Instead of posting a full “what I got for Christmas haul” or “December favourites” I decided to just give you guys a glimpse of possible “future” projects with one of the items I received as a gift this Christmas. My cousin knows how much I love lippies and so she decided to give me the 2016 holiday lip collection from Sephora “Kiss & Makeup“. This Lipstick pencil set consists of 10 glossy lippie shades ranging from dark ones to neutral/light ones.

Here are the swatches and shades:

Left-right: Arctic Apricot, Glacial Purple, Punchy Pink, Crimson Crush, Red Velvet
Polar Pink, Merry Mauve, Pink About It, Russet Red, Gingerbread Brown

I have heard that this collection has been sold out (at least in the local stores where I live) but I believe this is still available online.

I have yet to try these lipsticks out and maybe do a future makeup look with these? Let me know what you guys think!

I hope you guys end 2016 with satisfaction and joy and I wish you guys a prosperous new year filled with many blessings! Happy New Year in advance! Enjoy it with your loved ones!

Thank you for supporting me this 2016 and  I hope you all stay tune for my 2017 posts!


Ria Josellee

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @riajosellee to view all my New Year’s Eve adventures!


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