Stay Positive with “Rememberlutions”

Hello friends!

It’s been a while and a lot things has happened since 2017 entered. I can’t believe that the second chapter of 2017 out of 12 is about to begin! I hope everyone has had a pleasant start to the year. As for me, I’ve been quite busy with school but I am coping and so far, its been good. A lot of exciting things has happened to me this past month, some not-so-okay things happened too, but I was able to deal with them with much faith and courage. This is going to sound cliche but life is filled with unfair situations that make you want to curse it, but life can also be so beautiful amidst all these unfair situations. All we have to do is to really recognize and acknowledge everything that we have been blessed with, in order to overlook all the negativities.

2016 was a really rough year for me so before 2017 even started, I told myself that this year is going to be my year. I decided that I am going to put lots of faith into this and prayer as well. For years, I’ve written down/mentally took note of my “New Year’s Resolutions” to live better. Unfortunately, I could never stick to them. Lack of maturity in taking responsibility? Maybe. But I also believe that they just never worked for me. Period. Since 2016 was just not my year, I was determined to live better, live happier for 2017. I thought of new year’s resolutions again, I’m not going to lie, until I stumbled upon a snap feature from BuzzFeed about the “Rememberlutions Jar”.

It was such an interesting idea for me as it is with many people. It’s not just creative, it’s also practical, realistic and definitely more feasible. So what is a rememberlutions jar? Basically, instead of writing down resolutions to change your lifestyle and outlook in life, you write down things that made you happy and want to look back to during that year. I was just so impressed with this idea, I wish I had thought of it before. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that new year’s resolutions are useless, but it’s definitely not for everyone. However, rememberlutions, I believe is for everyone. I cannot reiterate this enough but life is a huge rollercoaster of situations and circumstances, meaning, there will be ups and downs along the way. There will be things that we won’t be able to control and whether they are good or bad, they will just happen. Also, just like a rollercoaster ride, life is short. What I’m trying to say is, we can’t afford to dwell in the bad things that had happened to us during that year. 2016 was such a horrible year for me and I just wanted to forget it but I realized that a lot of good things happened during that year to, and those ones are worth remembering.

It’s okay not to be okay from time to time. It’s okay to cry it out and yell and just spill emotions and not bottle them up; but also know that we are ALL capable of changing the way we look at life. There are just so much more good than there is bad. I believe that the best way to start living better is by forgetting to dwell in the bad things and remembering to live again by carrying with us all the wonderful things that had happened.

Once again, I wish you all an amazing 2017! And to whoever invented this idea of a rememberlutions jar, Thank you.

Quick Jar Info:

I bought the jar from HomeSense for around $9.00 + (tax included). You can decorate your jars to how you want it but I left mine the way it is since it already looked appealing to me.



Ria Josellee

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