About Ria Josellee & Wandering Silhouette


Welcome to my blog! I’m a 21-year-old fashion and style addict, beauty junkie, photography enthusiast, wanderer, and rhetorician (in the works) from Canada. I usually come across as being shy and quiet, but I can be quite opinionated when it comes to certain topics. One of my tools in expressing myself and my opinions is writing. I am by no means the best writer, but I am definitely working towards finding and creating my own voice.  I also have a fondness for photography, and I often wanderlust!

I may be borderline short, standing only at 4’11 but I’m not afraid to take on new adventures! Someday, I will journey the world just like how I’ve explored The Philippines, Canada, and The United States. Join me as I take on a new expedition in blogging and allow me to walk you through the days of my life as I strut in style, wanderlust and snap memories!

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Instagram: @riajosellee


Ria Josellee


Why Wandering Silhouette? A Wandering Silhouette simply describes the type of person that I am: a spontaneous traveller in style. The term Wandering comes from the root word Wander which means to move from place to place or travel spontaneously. The term Silhouette can be defined in several ways, but as a fashion term, a silhouette is an outline of a model design.


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